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Meet A Horny Nacked Girl

From the Nudies of AOL to Naked Neighbors on SnapSext...

(The evolution of sext messaging with nudity)

So Hot

Snapchat has revealed and exposed a whole new sexy way to see dirty pics online. Amateur Milfs, Experimenting College Girls, and Townie Sluts have all found a new way to expose themselves’ online. It started with the selfie, then it became the nacked girl selfie and now there are several awesome platforms to take nacked girl pics. Apps like snapchat allow women to feel a little safer exposing their tits to strangers online, but probably shouldn’t. Any dude knows how to do a quick screenshot of your phones.

Another great place for finding hot nacked girls is tumblr. I don’t know if it’s the erotic nature of some of the member sites or the amateur feel of the site that gives it a voyeuristic quality I love so much. Either way, before I get revved up on a really trashy site, I love cruising over to tumblr and checking out the hottest nacked girls online for a few minutes before going to a tube site to finish off.

I would be remised not to tell the story here of my first online sexual encounter that started with nacked girl pic.

Back in the Day...

It was 1998 and everyone was still on AOL dial-up and chatrooms. That’s most of what online dating was at the time and no one really talked about socially. There was an enigma, and that enigma helped to fuel the dirtiness of the online dating world. It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, I was on some chat site and I can’t remember the name but I recently found the conversation I saved in a text file from then...

Stacy776: Any guys out there not perverted?

JimBoTheManlyMan: Nope! Why would you want to meet a guy who wasn’t a guy?

Stacy776: Ha ha, good point JimBoTheManlyMan, what’s your story?

JimBoTheManlyMan: I’m a plumbing apprentice just outside of Cleveland. I’ve been working long hard hours and looking to lay just a little more pipe before bed.

Stacy776: Wow Jim, that’s the best one I’ve heard in a while. Did you want to talk in private?

>>>>> Entering PRIVATE CHAT >>>>>

JimBoTheManlyMan: You got me here, what’s next?

Stacy776: The truth is that I’m really horny right now and looking for a guy to make my panties wet. The regular “My johnson is X inches” stuff doesn’t do it for me anymore.

JimBoTheManlyMan: Well why don’t I tell you how this would go down if we were really together then…

First I’d take you out to a nice restaurant. I’d tell you how beautiful you were and offer up some stimulating conversation.

The after a couple drinks, I’d start asking you about dirty you like to be.

Then we’d go for a sunset walk on the beach. There’s a very special place I know about that isn’t so secret. It’s a place of unrestricted sexual pleasure. It’s not a spot for swingers per se’, but sometimes it’s been known to happen. It’s a place to go watch others having sex while your having sex. The only rule is that once you get past the big rock wall, you must be naked.

Stacy776: Tell me more…

JimBoTheManlyMan: I’m going to need to see you naked Stacy, for this to work. My email is Once I get a surprise, I’ll keep going with my story.

So, to my surprise, she actually sent me a naked pic and it turned me on beyond belief. This was the first woman I’d ever met online that sent me a nude pic and it only took about 2 minutes.

These were great times, but the truth is now is an even great time to see nacked women everywhere. It seems like every woman I meet really wants to show me something but doesn’t want to feel like a slut. It’s like they’re all holding back in real life what they’re doing in the online world. In a way it’s a shame that we can’t all just skip the internet and go straight to hot sex all the time but it’s not the way the world works.

It’s funny to me how much more a pic from a nacked girl stranger turns me on than seeing a model in a porn flick. What’s also true for me is that it’s about the progression of pics that really gets me going. I can clicks and see a nacked woman anywhere online, but when I see a girl in her bedroom with beautiful eyes in her lingerie with a curvaceous body then I want to see more. If I get too, then by the time I do see her fully nude I’m much more excited.

So what happened with Stacy you ask? Well, turns out she lived about 2 hours away from me. We built up the tension in a series of emails over the next couple of weeks which eventually led up to a sexual volcanic eruption unlike I had ever seen.